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Clearing IL Locksmith Store Clearing, IL 773-303-4573Looking for effective rekeying services in area? Clearing IL Locksmith Store offers affordable rekeying services all throughout the region. Over the past ten years that we have been servicing the people of the region, we have helped hundreds of property owners rekey locks of their property without any hassle.

Our technicians also offer emergency services. If you need fast rekeying services, we can come to your site within 30 minutes, no matter where you live in and around Clearing. We have locksmith vans at different parts of the region and can reach you in the shortest time.


What does the rekey procedure involve?

So what does rekeying locks mean? Rekeying locks is a process wherein the entire locking mechanism is replaced with a new one. The old keys are thus unable to open the lock and the rekeyed lock needs a new key to open it. The process is as effective as installing a new lock. Lock rekeying gives you better control of who can access your property.

When should you re-key locks?

Some common scenarios where you can opt to rekey locks are:

  • Moving to a new property: If you have shifted to a new house recently, you might want to rekey the locks in the property. You never know how many people, including the contractors, previous tenants and real estate agents have the keys to the lock and you would do well to rekey your locks for improved security.
  • You’re renting out to someone new: If you have recently evicted your tenant, you must rekey your locks so that your ex-tenant cannot use the spare keys without your permission.
  • After divorce/fall outs: If you have fallen out with your spouse or an employee, the best way to go is to rekey your locks. This will prevent them from gaining access to your property.
  • You’ve lost your keys: If you cannot find your keys, it is best to rekey locks. You never know who may find the keys and if it falls in the hands of some unscrupulous people, they may use it without your permission.

Free consultations

Most homeowners may not know if their locks qualify for rekeying or if they should be replaced. Our lockmasters are available for free consultations; they will examine the condition of your locks and tell you about the best course of action. You are then free to choose what you want to do with the locks.

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